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Woodland High

  • No perceivable preventative maintenance plan being implemented

  • Stadium

    • Soil erosion is major cause for concrete subsidence.

    • Soil beneath concrete slab beneath bleachers is eroding, leaving gaps beneath concrete.  Current district discussion is removing bleachers, leveling or removing soil, and replacing with free-standing bleachers.  Currently no proposal to replace walkway and filling gaps with concrete, but this should be explored.

    • It was obvious that erosion occurred because preventative maintenance was lacking.  There was no vegetation on soil, soil was allowed to erode along edges, and there were large, unfilled gaps in the concrete slab that were entry points for water to the soil.  On the east side of the stadium, the walkway on top of the bleachers was sloped ~5% downward towards the east.  Metal bracing that supports bleachers in upper portion of stadium on east side were disconnected from the concrete slab as the slab had descended due to soil erosion.  It was evident that weedy (but also stabilizing) vegetation on east slope was recently sprayed with herbicide, leaving soil bare.  Pictures taken.

  • Community member present stated that no bond should be issued without a preventative maintenance plan in place.

  • Comment from Pedroia and Sons: parking lot should be sealed this year.

  • Weeds observed growing in gutters.

  • Some manufactured units need painting.

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