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Lee Middle School

  • Met with Armando  - principal

  • Main issues Armando noted:

    • Use of foam for temporary fix for roofs.

    • No duel pane windows

    • Carpeting

    • Asphalt in play area

    • Striping on parking lot

    • Drainage

  • Notable areas where walkways were sunken and filled with water.

  • Gutters and spouts were in poorly maintained.

  • In reference to single pane windows, Blank asked if schools were in operation during the summer, and it was noted that there are summer school classes.

  • Leaves from months ago still collected on the ground.

  • School overall in poor condition due to poor maintenance.

  • No power-washing for the two years because they want to avoid perception of water waste, even though power washing does not use much water.

  • First row of bleachers jammed and it does not push in, which cause the first row to be used with most frequency and to wear down faster.  It was implied that plastic bleacher seats were more than just sat on – kids get excited and jump and run on them.  Mr. Boral supported replacing entire bleacher set at an anticipated cost of over $150,000 rather than fixing issues affecting the first row.

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