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Looking for ‘a better way’ to fund schools

Posted: 3/21/2016




The Better Way presents its origins, philosophy, expectations, and goals to the Daily Democrat.  The Woodland community is finally getting excited about positively changing the mindset and direction of the district.

SacBee: California school bonds can be source of scandal

Posted February 9, 2016




Wasteful spending and questionable deals in California K-12 public school bonds are catching the public's attention.  The Better Way addresses all the points mentioned in this article and offers win-win solutions.

Image Source: SacBee
New WJUSD Bonds Floated

Posted January 17, 2016


Take your pick.  50, 55, or 75 million (+ interest) in new bonds over 35 years.  Along with a number of other best practices, the Better Way promotes smaller "pay-go" bonds which have minimal interest and are paid off in 5 or less years.

Defeat of Measures S & T

Posted January 17, 2016


In November of 2014, Woodland voters struck an overwhelming no confidence vote in the Woodland Joint Unified School District through the defeat of Measures S & T.  The community knew the poorly designed Measures S & T were not the answer.  The Better Way for Schools in Yolo County was born out of the effort to promote best practices that minimizes waste in Yolo County Schools.

Upcoming Events


Thurs. Mar 24, 2016 - 6:30 PM

435 Sixth Street Woodland

WJUSD Board meeting - public welcome - "The Board has the option to approve or not approve placing a General Obligation Bond on the November 2016 Ballot."

Tues. April 19, 2016 - 11:45

Better Way presents its plan to members of the Woodland Rotary

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