​Training Videos and Documents

Better Way

Before bond measure language and school policy is set, the Better Way encourages the adoption of the best practices which are outlined in these documents and video.

This document discusses a few of the Best Management Practices outlined in the Better Way Evaluation Tool
This document introduces a pathway to improved community supported school capital projects.  This specific document was presented to the WJUSD, but the outlined concepts are equally applicable to other districts as well.
The Better Way Evaluation Tool is the document that is used to score bonds to determine if the Better Way will oppose, endorse, or be neutral.  Unlike the interactive evaluation tool used by the Better Way ambassadors, this file simply shows the catagories to be evaluated.
This video introduces the philosophy of the Better Way and trains citizens how to use the Better Way Evaluation Tool.  For better resolution, open video in YouTube.
This document outlines the basic structure and activity of a Bond Oversight Committee

Bond Oversight Committees

After a school bond is passed, Bond Oversight Committee's are appointed.  These documents were designed to train members of the bond oversight committees

This document outlines the basic structure and activity of a Bond Oversight Committee.
This document outlines the purpose, scope, composition, and responsibilities of a Bond Oversight Committee.
A performance audit reviews the effectiveness, efficiency and economy of an organization.  This document summarizes these audits.
As the eyes and ears for the public, this describes the role of a Bond Oversight Committee when there is a debt limit waiver application.
One important role of a Bond Oversight Committee is to review efforts by the district to maximize bond revenues by implementing cost-saving measures.  This document expands on this topic.
This video trains members of Bond Oversight Committees about their responsibilies and provides them with valuable tools to be an effective committee.  For better resolution, open video in YouTube.
Schools Yes!  Waste No!
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